Tattoo’s by Rich

Rich grew up the son of an American service man and a Japanese mother.
Constantly expressing himself with art, he has built up his tattoo career and Established Tattoo 42
in Beaverton, OR in 2010 after a long stint with other tattoo shops.
Rich likes to work in photo realism, fine arts and oil painting.  You can also follow Rich on Instagram @Richtattoo42


12 thoughts on “Tattoo’s by Rich

  1. Hey Rich!
    Thanks again for the red ribbon tatts! they are fun!
    Im really excited to get started on the food sleeve we were talking about. I love your photo realism, and think it would be sick to have your work on my arm.
    I would also like to pick your brain about the industry, your experiences as a tatto artist, and find out what it takes to break into the indusrty, etc.. Ive been thinking about it for years and years now, and just need to jump in, and start looking into it!
    Thanks so much man! I look forward to hearing from you!

    • Brock,
      I’m not sure if anyone responded to you or not. First off, thanks for the positive words! I’ll make sure to relay them to Rich. Feel free to swing by when Rich is working and chat with him, he’s in the process right now of finishing the curriculum the state requires for us to be able to apprentice people so if you are interested its a good time to get the ball rolling. If you have any questions Rich works 1-8 Tuesday to Saturday.


  2. Hey! I am looking to get a pentacle tattoo on my back with butterflies and flours around it…. it is my first tattoo and I’m kinda looking around. any thoughts on price?

    • It would be best to come in to the shop and talk to one of our artist. We only do price quotes in person we are open 7 days a week noon till 8 pm, thank you

  3. Hey! I am turning 18 on monday, and I am looking to get my first tattoo. do you have any advice for me? I know pretty much what I want, but I am wondering what an actual tattoo artist would have to say to a person who is thinking about getting their first tattoo. thank you!

    • It would be best to come in to the shop and talk to one of our artist. We are open 7 days a week noon till 8 pm, thank you

  4. Hi! I have a memorial tattoo that I would like done. It would be a pocket watch and a piece of a letter my grandad wrote me when I was in the military. I would like to set aside a time to speak to you about this or maybe if I could get an email address to send you a picture of what I am thinking and the letter I have. I love your work and would love to have you make this a beautiful piece of art for me! Please contact me!

    • Rich works Tuesday to Saturday noon till 8 pm you can get a hold of him on his cell by texting 503 577 4657. If you want any other artist feel free to call the shop during business hours to schedule a consultation.

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