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The best way to contact us is either in person or over the phone. We do not do price quotes or appointments online or over the phone.

753 South West 185th Avenue
Beaverton, Oregon 97003


(503) 356-8854



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  2. Got my nose pierced by Kaitlin. Love it and she’s fantastic! Question: do you guys sell invisible nose stud for work/school scenarios?

    • Emmy,
      Sorry about the delay getting back to you, sometimes our the notifications don’t reach our emails. I believe Kaitlin has clear studs, if she doesn’t though I’m sure she could order one for you. If you’d like to stop in while she’s working she’s generally here 1-8 Tuesday to Sunday.

  3. I wanted to know if you guys do cover up on tattoos that aren’t wanted or ashamed to have. If so I would like to know how much it would be.

  4. Im attempting to break a world record and get into the genus book for the largest Tattoo shop T/Shirt collection by one person. If your shop has T/Shirts with the business name on it and would like to help me to make the record, shoot me a email please. laying
    Thank You

    • Alexis,
      There are a lot of variables to how much a tattoo will cost. If you want to come in and have a consult with one of the artists we’re open 12-8 7 days a week.

  5. I was wondering if I bring in my own black barbell belly ring can I have that put in when I get it pierced if it is titanium or stainless steel?

    • We have to use our own body jewelry that we have mill-certifications for as per state law but I do have a black titanium navel ring that we could pierce with or a black gemmed surgical steel one. Keep your navel ring though because you can switch it out no problem after it heals. Surgical Steel is $45 and titanium is $55. Piercings are Tuesday thru Saturday 🙂

  6. I have a question/concern about a piercing. I got my helix pierced back in October when I was up at school and I’m still having trouble getting it to heal. When I had it pierced, I had her put a stud in. My piercing hasn’t gotten infected but it often has days when it gets red and irritated. I went into a parlor nearer to me and had them put in a captive ring. It has been better because I can clean it better, but it still isn’t healing and gets irritated all the time by the smallest things, like my hair touching it. I’ve tried cleaning it with saline, tried the sea salt soak (but my ear broke out, so I had to stop). Basically, it’s beginning to be a pain in my ass, haha. Should I just cut my losses and take it out? I don’t know what else to do. Is it possible I have a metal allergy?

    • Cartilage piercings take the longest to heal out of any piercing anywhere between 6 months and 1 year average. Depending on how sensitive your skin is your piercing may get easily irritated by quite a number of things, pet dander on your pillow cases, cell phones, hair products. Always make sure that your hands are clean if you touch it, but touching and moving it frequently is one of the easiest ways to irritate it. Your skin also may need to have another metal in it, for say either titanium or niobium. If a ring works better for you I would stick with that, but maybe just get a different type of metal in there.

    • Sorry the shop been busy, we had a $5 off any piercing. Best to call the shop for any questions that are needed on a timely manor.

    • Yes we can do that, just have your parent bring a government issued ID that we can copy and they will need to fill a waiver form out with you. We are open for piercings Tuesday-Sat 12-8 except Thursday is 12-4. Thanks have a great day!

  7. Hey! i’ve come to this location before for a septum nose piercing and i remember it was 50 dollars. I am also thinking about getting a bellybutton peircing and how much is that? cause my mom is making me pay for it. can somebody email me the details please??

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