Piercing Aftercare

Cleaning InstructionsWASH your hands thoroughly prior to touching the piercing area for any reason. CLEAN once a day with mild liquid anti-bacterial soap and SALINE solution (contact lens soak for sensitive eyes, not all-purpose) 3-5 times a day. Apply with disposable cotton ball or q-tip. SEA SALT soak can also be done once or twice a week if desired (mix no more that 1/4 tsp. of NON-IODIZED sea salt with an 8 oz cup of warm water, apply using a soaked cotton ball for 5-10 minutes), sea salt can be found at any grocery store. ORAL piercings (lip, monroe, cheek, tongue) also rinse with Biotene or Crest Complete mouth wash 4-6 times daily (any time after you ear, drink, smoke, or kiss) as well as chewing on ice, popsicles or anything cold to keep initial swelling to a minimum.

What is Normal?

INITIALLY some bleeding, swelling, tenderness or bruising may occur. DURING HEALING you may also experience redness, crusties and secretions of clear/whitish fluid called lymph. All of these things are a completely normal part of the healing process. For excessive soreness ibuprofin might be helpful.

What to Avoid and Tips

AVOID using alcohol, peroxide, Neosporin or Betadine. AVOID submerging the percing in water (lakes, pools, jacuzzis, or bathtubs) and ALL beauty products around the piercing area (hairspray, blush, lotions, foundation) NO oral contact, rough play or moving the jewelry back and forth as this breaks new skin cell growth. (However barbell balls need to be tightened on a daily basis)

Tattoo Aftercare

*Leave the dressing on for 2-3 hours after the procedure is complete.
*Wash your hands with liquid hand soap before touching your new tattoo.
*Remove dressing and wash immediately with liquid hand soap and warm water, using your hands only. Do not use wash cloths, sponges, etc. Quick showers are OK. No soaking or tub bathing.
*Air dry or pat dry with a clean towel. DO NOT wipe.
*Once tattoo has thouroughly dried, apply a NEW, non-scented, water based, petrolium free lotion 2-3 times a day until tattoo is completely healed, usually around 2 weeks.
**When applying lotion: Use the smallest amount possible. The lotion should be able to absorb in to the skin relatively quickly. If your tattoo looks shiny or wet after you put the lotion on, you used TOO MUCH.
*DO NOT USE PETROLIUM based products such as A&D or Vaseline on your new tattoo. This smothers the tattoo, slows down healing, and can lead to skin irritation or rashes on or around the tattoo.
*DO NOT re-cover your tattoo.
*Keep your new tattoo OUT of hot tubs, swimming pools, Jacuzzis, etc. for at least 2 weeks.
*Keep your new tattoo AWAY from pets. Their saliva, hair and dander can cause infection.
*Keep your tattoo out of the sun/tanning beds for at least 3 weeks. Exposure to the sun will fade colors in your tattoo. ONCE TATTOO IS HEALED use sunscreen to help prevent this.
*Wear loose fitting, clean clothing and sleep on clean linen during healing.
*Treat your tattoo as if it were an open wound, as it essentially is. The better you care for it, the easier it will heal.
*It is normal for some scabbing to occur while the tattoo is healing. DO NOT pick or scratch your new tattoo, as this will cause pigment loss.
*Do not do anything we have not recommended to your tattoo.

If you have any questions or concerns during your healing process, feel free to contact the staff at (503) 356-8854